Welcome to the colorful and whimsical world of Christie Moody's imagination realized in fused glass panels, bowls, plates, ornaments, and hangings with themes from water and earth. Her journeys to ocean shores, rivers, and mountains inspire her to create innovative designs for the home or business.You will find fish, birds, insects and imaginary beings in her portfolio of designs in fused stained glass .




Blue Heron Glass Art
Since 1985

Christie Moody

112 Witcher Rd,

Carlton Ga., 30627



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Artist:  Christie MoodyChristie working

At work in her studio at Witcherway Farm

Christie Moody is a 2010 Niche Award Winner!

She was a finalist in the Slumped and in the Fused Glass categories and won in Slumped and Cast Glass.

2012 Wholesale Shows

Americasmart, Atlanta, GA, Made In America
July 13-17, Booth 1508


2012 Retail Shows

Studio Group Show: Lyndon House Arts Center, Athens, GA, Dec. 13, 14, & 15

NOTICE Please buy from my galleries or my website if there are no galleries in your area.
I will be glad to tell you the closest gallery to you if you email me at info@blueheronglass.com

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At Last...

Fused Glass Workshop and Retreat at Blue Heron Glass Studio and Witcher Way Farm

I will be giving a 3 day weekend glass fusing workshop/ retreat customized to your needs here at our farm. My home is located on 114 acres of woods and is a large restored 1820 farm house.

The upstairs has 2 bedrooms with a total of 2 double and 1 single bed and bathroom. Guests will sleep and dine here. I will provide healthy vegetarian and or fish meals including fresh eggs from my chickens. I will provide studio space, kilns, and materials.

The workshop will be scheduled to meet demand. Whether you enjoy bicycling, running, or a leisurely stroll, we have many trails through the forest and along luscious fern lined creeks. A paddling trip down the Broad River is also available, if interested, at my husband's business (http://www.broadriveroutpost.com) for $10 extra per person.

The charge is $400 per person for 3 or more participants. We are located 27 miles east of Athens, GA. - a happening town with live music, dance, art, and lots of clubs. The address is 112 Witcher Rd., Carlton, Georgia 30627. Please contact me by email info@blueheronglass.com telling me about yourself and your preferred dates if you are interested. Prepayment is required. Please feel free to forward or post this announcement.